Embarrassed about your breath? Here are 5 essential tips to lead you to fresher breath! In this day and age everybody is health conscious and bad breath is a no no!

Here are 5 tips for fresh breath and a white smile.

1- Have a Good Diet

Bad breath or halitosis can be directly caused by smelly foods from your stomach such as garlic, curries and fast food. A balanced and heathy diet will lead to a healthy gut and fresher breath. Eating regularly can also help avoid halitosis. When you don’t eat on time, there can be a build up of acid in your stomach which can lead to a foul smell. Eat healthy snacks such as nuts, veg and filling meals to avoid this

2- Drink plenty of water.

Having a dry mouth is no fun and can lead to a build up of bacteria which causes embarrassing bad breath. When you drink water it helps to wash away food particles in your mouth as well as those bacteria causing those smells. In fact, I always tell my patients it’s a good idea to drink water after eating any food or drinks to help wash away any remnants and leaving the mouth fresh and clean.

3- Knock tobacco on the head!!

Tobacco products cause bad breathe, stained teeth and unhealthy gums. They can also cause discoloured tongue due to a build up bacteria.
Giving up can be easier said that done so contact your GP or see Dr Chhaya Chauhan for tips on kicking the habit!

4- Have some sugar free Chewing Gum or Mints

It may sound simple but a nice sugar-free minty treat will get your saliva flowing. A good saliva flow rate will ensure those bacteria are washed away and the surfaces of your mouth are well lubricated. There are certain medical conditions that dry out the mouth such as radiotherapy, Sjogren’s disease and even diabetes. Having sugar free gum will help to stimulate the saliva and fight against those odours.

5- Most Importantly Have Good Oral Hygiene!!

This is by far the most obvious trick that most people miss. A good electric toothbrush (not necessarily the most expensive one) with good brushing technique with help to remove plaque and calculus on a daily basis. Making sure you gently brush the edges of your gums as well as your teeth will also help you avoid smelly gum disease and tooth decay.
Cleaning in between your teeth with floss or brushes will help to reduce the plaque and food stuck there. Finally, gently cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper or tooth brush will help remove a film of bacteria that builds up on your tongue. Don’t forget to rinse with fluoride mouth wash at the end of it all.

To book in for a hygiene clean and discuss any issues contact Dr Chhaya Chauhan on [email protected]

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