Everybody wants white teeth. Here are some sure-fire ways to get them nice and white!

1- Diet

Anything in your diet that has a colour to it, can potentially stain your teeth. A good way to think about it is that “if it can stain a white shirt it can stain your teeth”. Examples of food that can stain your teeth are Indian and Chinese curries, green and dark herbal teas and any items containing food colouring. If you have ever seen the inside of a cup of unfinished herbal tea, you will know the amount of stains it can leave. A clever idea is to drink water straight after to try and wash away some of those stains, so the tea doesn’t hang around in your mouth causing stains

2- Give up the smoke

If you want nice white teeth, then smoking is a no-no. Smoking is a major cause of tobacco stains and bad breath. Reducing your smoking to less than 5 a day is a good way to reduce the stains as well brushing your teeth regularly with an electric toothbrush

3- Give up the red wine

The tannins in the red wine may taste delicious but don’t do any favours to your teeth. These ar highly colourant and best to switch over to lighter coloured drinks like white wine, white spirits or water to stop the stains.

4- Hygiene

Having clean teeth and removing stains can make a massive difference the appearance of your teeth. Stains caused by day to day living can soon catch up on you. You should see you hygienist every six months for a regular spruce up of your teeth. This will ensure you keep your teeth and gums health as well as keep those pearly teeth white.

5- Tooth whitening

Having your teeth professionally whitened is a sure way to uplift the look of your teeth and freshen up the appearance of them. There are many factors to tooth whitening, so its best you see a professional for it, so they can give the correct advice for you. There are generally two ways to whiten your teeth, laser or tray whitening. Book in for a consultation to see which is best for you and how you can get whiter teeth.

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