Ryan Ward

“I haven’t smiled so much in my life like this ever before. This has always held me back and I never thought I could do anything about it. Thank you Chhaya for Changing my life, I literally cant stop smiling now”

Annie Jones

“Thanks for giving me my smile for my wedding day. We have gone through many ups and downs with cancer through the years but thanks for always being there, being patient, sticking by me to finish treatment. I’m thrilled that my smile has improved so much and now you treat my whole family. What more of a complement can I give!”

Sean Perry

“I had a single dark tooth at the front. I had knocked it when I was younger. I got me down for years and I didn’t want to drill it down to replace it. Chhaya was the only dentist who suggested whitening it. I am so happy to get a great result with no drilling of my tooth. Simply excellent”


“When I first came here, this tooth was broken, I also had a crown either side of it, it needed an extraction. I also needed some new fillings in my rear crowns and also got a new breach put in at the front. I have got my smile back now, I am well chuffed!”

Natasha Kee

“They are amazing! I am emotional and very pleased. I would like to recommend Chhaya and the 6 Month Smiles procedure to everyone”