Are You Scared of the Dentist?

Many people are scared of going to the dentist and avoid going at all costs. But did you know that leaving a dental problem often makes It worse.
For example a small chip on a broken tooth can be easily fixed with a filling but if left due to fear can start to cause pain and need more intensive treatment.
There can be several things that lead to dental phobia. The feeling of being out of control, fear of impeding pain and past bad experiences can be some of the things that cause people to avoid the dentist.

There are several things that Dr CC does to help reduce your anxiety
Relaxing music and comfortable environment. The dental practice is a relaxing environment
– Buzzer to stop the procedure when ever you want
Painless injections
– Plenty of time– Dr CC always books enough time to go through your options and answer all your questions so you don’t feel rushed
– Take things at your own pace
– Offer for you to listen to your own ipod or earphones during treatment
– Offers Oral sedation



Chhaya Chauhan is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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